The Little Farm Shop

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About The Little Farm Shop

We moved out to Spain from the UK in 2004 for a better quality of life for our family of 4 (2 of each) and have lived in the Puente don Manuel area ever since.

I taught Spanish to ex-pats for about three years to earn a crust and then motherhood struck again for the next few years until, purely by accident I walked into this Little Shop to buy some vegetables, just as the owner was pinning a "Se Vende" notice to the door. The business was 3 years old when I took it over in February, 2012 and since then it has gone from strength to strength as my reputation spread for quality produce and service with a smile.

My working day starts at 7am as I scour the wholesale market in Velez for the freshest and best. Everything is hand-picked by me to ensure the best quality; if it is not up to my standard, then I don't buy.

Now, as well as personal and regular customers I also supply local and not-so-local businesses, including the Cazadores de La Luna Hotel in Colmenar, whose owner makes a regular weekly trip to my shop to stock her hotel kitchen.

Sharon Swaisland, May 2012.